It's with great pleasure that I can officially announce that In Touch - Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley's Public Affairs and Issues Program - has won 2 New York State Broadcasters Association awards, part of the 2024 Excellence in Broadcasting Awards! In Touch has won the award for "Outstanding Public Affairs Program or Series" for the second year in a row, and we also won "Outstanding Editorial/Commentary" for our episode with Paul Hacker from Axis Insurance Services, LLC, "Can Modern Security Technology Keep Up W/ Today's Cyber Threats?"

What is In Touch?

In Touch is Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley's Public Affairs and Issues Program. We highlight the wonderful work that is being done to brighten the community. In Touch covers topics ranging from Arts & Education, Community Awareness, Health Awareness, Local Economy, Tourism, Legislation and more. On In Touch, we strive to have real conversations with our guests, and make them feel comfortable when on the mic. I love when guests say at the end, "That was so easy!"

Not just that, but I love it when guests reach back out after an episode and tell me they got X amount of donations, X amount of sign-ups, X amount of sponsors, X amount of awareness, and more following their In Touch episode. It's great to see the power of community at work.

Because of the awesome success of In Touch over the last year, we have also expanded! We launched a new spin-off series under the In Touch umbrella called Townsquare Spotlight. These Spotlights branch out from the typical Hudson Valley programming and focus on amazing celebrities and leaders across the country who are making an impact in pop culture. You can listen to Townsquare Spotlights wherever you listen to In Touch! 

These Spotlights have included the likes of actor/comedian David Koechner, Grammy-nominated band Five for Fighting, X-Men '97 voice actor JP Karliak, Hollywood Icon Clint Howard, legendary musician AJ Croce, Golden Globe-nominated actress Mel Harris, musician and documentarian John Burton, political advisor and philanthropist Luis A. Miranda Jr, actor/director/producer Jerry Adler, Long Island Mediam Theresa Caputo, author Bree L Taylor, award-winning Jazz musician and educator Hayes Greenfield, and Paralympic swimmers Jessica Long & Haven Shepherd.

Where to Find In Touch

In Touch is so hard NOT to find! It's everywhere! First of all, it airs in the 6AM on WPDH, WRRV, and WKXP and at 11PM on WCZX every Sunday. You can find In Touch episodes new and old on your favorite streaming services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and more! That, and listen On Demand with your Townsquare Radio Station Mobile App. Of course, you can still find all articles and audio under the In Touch Tab on this radio station’s app and website. And don’t forget, we are also on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram @intouch_hv. All of our links can be found at this Linktree!

New York State Broadcasters Association's 58th Annual Excellence in Broadcasting Awards

The Excellence in Broadcasting Awards, given out by the New York State Broadcasters Association, aims to celebrate professional and collegiate-level radio and television broadcasting. Excellence in Broadcasting is a state-wide competition, with stations competing against other stations. Every year, NYSBA celebrates local broadcasters’ commitment to serving their communities. They also honor the public service groups that work with local stations to improve the quality of life in communities throughout the Empire State.

Last September, I got to attend the luncheon in Albany, NY for their 57th Annual Excellence in Broadcasting Awards. This luncheon did not have every single winner. The NYSBA's hold regional luncheons for winners so that winners are not put out with too much traveling. The Albany luncheon was the easiest for me to attend, especially because I had a wedding in Lake George the next day, and the luncheon was on my route! It was a real honor to be in a room with such esteemed journalists, hosts, producers, engineers, and more. Each person in that room was making New York a better place by the rich news and stories they share on a daily basis. It was a real pleasure to be honored alongside everyone in that room.

Today, I get to write this article with a sense of pride knowing that In Touch has now won three awards since I took over the program because of YOU here in the Hudson Valley. It's the organizations and trailblazers in the area that make In Touch shine, along with the listeners who learn and grow with each episode.

In Touch Thanks the Hudson Valley

This is a huge honor to receive, and we are grateful on so many levels. First of all, thank you to all of our guests who trusted In Touch with your time and your stories. You are the ones making the Hudson Valley such an amazing place to live, work and play. Thank you for all you do for the community! I am excited to see where you all go, and I await all the new guests that we will have. Not just that, but I feel like I've been able to learn and grow from every guest. This show has offered me the chance to speak with so many people that I would've never had the chance to otherwise, and I am better for it!

Thank you to everyone who has helped book our guests. There are so many men and women you don't see/hear that help organize these episodes and make everything happen, whether they work with the organizations/individuals directly, or they work with them through an outside PR agency. Y'all make my job so much easier, and your communication is greatly appreciated.

Listen to In Touch's Award-Winning Episode

As much as I encourage you to listen to all episodes of In Touch, you should absolutely check out the episode that was recognized by the NYSBA. Even though this episode was published in March, it is still just as relevant, and it will only keep getting more relevant as our dependency on technology increases.

On this In Touch, we had Paul Hacker, Broker at Axis Insurance Services. Whether you’re concerned about your company’s digital information, or your personal information, the growing need for cyber security is evident. Paul and I discussed the latest dangers when it comes to online theft, and how to better protect yourself. Below, you can find Paul's checklist of 11 Step Checklist To Safeguard Your Business Against Cyber Security Threats.


11 Step Checklist to Safeguard Your Business From Cyber Security Threats

Thanks to In Touch's guest Paul Hacker from Axis Insurance Services, here are 11 things that you can do today for your business to ensure it's cyber security.

Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh

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Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh