After initially planning for a late spring launch, the company planning to have rail bikes rolling on tracks in Kingston will not operate them in 2017. According to The Daily Freeman, Rail Explorers Group had been awarded a contract last year but neighbors have their concerns about the project.

Added traffic is a main concern with local residents who would see a pretty dramatic increase of cars and buses in the area. In order to make things work out for all involved, Rail Explorers decided to end the ride at an earlier point on the tracks than previously planned. They'll install a turnstile that will allow the rail bikes to turn around.

But of course there's a problem. Due the uphill angle of incline on the track, each of the bikes will be retrofitted with an electric assist system to assist riders get up the hill. This unforeseen expense has forced the delay as new capitol has to be raised to pay for the equipment. The Freeman reports the County will not charge Rail Explorers the $20,000 rental fee for this year.