Yes, we know the saying technically goes 'April Showers Bring May Flowers,' but this weekend, those showers brought plenty of perfect rainbow photo opportunities to the Hudson Valley.

But Where Do Rainbows Come From?

If you've ever wondered where rainbows come from, and why we see them after some rainstorms, you aren't alone.  According to wonderopolis, we have to think about something we likely learned back in elementary school, remember ROY G BIV and the idea of sunlight passing through a prism and splitting into colors?  Same deal with a rainbow after a storm.

After it rains, the air in the atmosphere is filled with raindrops. Each raindrop acts like a tiny prism. If sunlight passes through raindrops at just the right angle, the light is split into an arc of colors with red on the outside of the band and violet on the inside.


Why Are Rainbows Clearer To See At Certain Times?

After a storm, when the sky is still full of rainclouds, there's a darker background palette that allows for us to see a brighter and more vivid rainbow.  As for double rainbows, this is caused by a double reflection of sunlight inside the raindrops, therefore causing the appearance of a second rainbow showing colors in the opposite order - now you're going to check those double rainbow photos and see if they go VIB G YOR, right?

Photos Or It Didn't Happen, Hudson Valley Edition

Social media was flooded with snapshots of tons of Hudson Valley locations, from rainbow covered residential backyards to double rainbows across local business parking lots.  It's been nice to take a few minutes to appreciate the beauty of a rainbow after all the rain we've been having lately, right?

Let's take a look at some of the views our fellow Hudson Valley residents were experiencing this past weekend:

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