We live in a world where convenience is key.  It's sometimes hard to remember a time when you couldn't find the answer to a question in milliseconds, order a necessity to be delivered to your door that same day, or schedule a ride to the airport without getting off your couch.

Businesses and services have definitely adjusted their practices to a more convenient, and mobile world, so let's look at five Hudson Valley based 'services on wheels' that will help make your life that much easier.

Rover The Roaming Library, Poughkeepsie

Were you aware of the fact that there's essentially a library on wheels in Poughkeepsie? The Poughkeepsie Public Library District has its own 'bookmobile' that 'delivers and promotes library services' to areas that have limited access to library locations due to circumstances like geographic location, transportation, economic, etc.

You can't miss their eye-catching van cruising the streets of the Hudson Valley, or at different local events.  They have a schedule that you can access here of where you can find the Roaming Library in the area, along with details about which services are offered during their particular stops.

They even have a pretty adorable mascot, who you can see below at a recent stop...

Mobile Veterinary Services

I don't know anyone who has an animal that particularly enjoys being put in the car to go for a vet visit, so the idea of a mobile veterinary service that comes to your home is a huge win in my book.

There are several in the area, one based out of the Marlboro area called At Your Door Mobile Veterinary Care which has provided wonderful veterinary care locally for the past few years, and even gave one fur-baby a special ride around in their van!

Mobile Pet Groomers in the Hudson Valley

Along the same lines as above with our pets not loving to go to the vet, it seems like getting them to the groomer is also a hassle.  There's no shortage of mobile groomers in the area that come right to your home and give your pooch a makeover right in their truck.  Not only are their services a lifesaver, but the creative names that these on-the-go groomers have come up with are also on point, like Roaming Rover and Tails & Tubs II Mobile Grooming.

Mobile Bar & Cocktail Services

Last, and most certainly not least, let's discuss two new 'bars on wheels' that hit the Hudson Valley recently. Now, these aren't necessarily trucks that are driving around dishing out drinks, but rather a mobile bar setup that you can hire to come to a party or event that you are hosting. Hudson Valley Stirup launched this year, marketing themselves as "the area’s premier mobile bar and bartending service,' and is serving the Hudson Valley out of a converted horse trailer.

There's also the Bubbly Pony luxury traveling bar, also a converted horse trailer serving up drinks at private and public events locally.  I know what you may be thinking, a horse trailer, but have you seen this thing?

A Hudson Valley Based Chic Traveling Luxury Bar

The Bubbly Pony is a unique new Hudson Valley business that is hitting the road in style. A renovated horse trailer turned bar that comes to your events.

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