Fall has arrived and with the seasons changing so will our clothes which includes our shoes that we wear. Are you like me, do you have a bunch of shoes in your closet that you just don't wear?

I try not to be one of those people who buys clothes and shoes I won't wear but some how it happens. I have shoes that bought for a special occasion and each time I did I told myself I was sure to wear them again for other things and yet there they sit in the box unworn.

So what it the answer? You could keep them in the hopes that you eventually have another place to wear them or you could donation them right now and make a different for pets looking for forever home. Plus you will be donating shoes to people who need them.

Close up on big pile of colorful woman shoes.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue has joined forces with a few Hudson Valley businesses and between now and November 1st 2021 they are taking your shoe donations to help raise money for Take Me Home plus they will be donating the shoes to people who need them.

Local Business Accepting Shoe Donations

Black Cherry Tattoo - 1097 State Route 55 in Lagrangeville

Two Sparrows Homestead - 165 S. Plank Road in Newburgh

Best Buy - 1100 North Galleria Drive in Middletown

Sawyer Savings Bank - Highland and Marlboro

AJ Cafe - 2555 - 2557 South Avenue in Wappinger Falls

Guardian Self Storage - 50 North Roberts Rd in Highland

If you can't get to one of these locations you can donate your gently worn or new shoes at a Take Me Home Pet Rescue event. Take Me Home Pet Rescue is a foster based rescue that take pets from high kill shelters and finds them homes. They are not for profit and the money raised through this event will help them continue there work while getting much need shoes to people in need in third world countries.

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