With all the craziness with the coronavirus Pandemic, Hudson Valley tattoo shops are taking extra precautions to keep their doors open. Many tattoo shops around the Hudson Valley opted out of doing their Friday the 13th Flash Sheet Promotions. If you are like me and always go to get a flash tattoo on Friday the 13 then you are very aware of the large influx of people they tend to go get tattooed.

Though many tattoo shops opted out, they still kept their doors open. Many tattoo shops across the Hudson Valley, including No Man's Land and Honorable Ink, are keeping their doors open and allowing you to move your appointments around. Almost every tattoo shop requires you to put down a deposit for an appointment and if you cancel and/or reschedule after a certain point then you lose that deposit. Many tattoo shops have posted that they are willing to move around appointments without you losing your deposit if you are feeling unwell or nervous about going in with everything going on right now. Tattoo shops are also strongly enforcing their no-children policy. If you had an appointment and cannot find someone to watch your child they are also allowing you to move your appointment without losing your deposit. Many shops are still allowing walk-in's as well.

Now is a good time to support your favorite tattoo artists by getting some new ink.

Hudson Valley Tattoo Shops Who Have Posted About Still Open:

  • No Man's Land Tattoo and Piercing - Middletown, NY
  • Pennyroyal Tattoo - Florida, NY
  • Woodstock Tattoo Studio - Woodstock, NY
  • Queen City Tattoo - Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Honorable Ink - Beacon, NY
  • 2Tone Tattoo - Montgomery, NY
  • Art in Soul - New Paltz, NY


Hudson Valley Tattoo Shops That Have Posted That They Are Closed:

  • Graceland Tattoo - Wappingers Falls, NY
  • More From WRRV-WRRB