Hudson Valley tourism continues to be a vital component of the local economy having topped $3.5 billion in revenue in 2016 according to a new report. The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York report was compiled by Tourism Economics and finds that while 65% of all tourism money in New York is spent in the city, the Hudson Valley continues to gain more share.

The report states that Westchester County is the big money maker within the Hudson Valley, attracting $1.8 billion in tourism money, Dutchess County is second with $568 million. Statewide, more than $750,000 jobs are tourism related and 1 in 12 jobs are actually sustained either directly or indirectly by tourism. Locally, the tourism industry employs more than 50,000 people.

But where are all these people coming from? 70% of travelers are from the other 49 states, while 28% are coming from overseas. Just 2% of New York tourists are from Canada.

Tourism is growing in the Hudson Valley, let us know if you've noticed any differences in recent years.