Have you seen them yet? We're talking turtles and if you've begun to notice more and more of them on the road, you aren't imaging things.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, May and June are the months in which turtles native to New York are on the move and in search of places in which to lay their eggs.

Each year, thousands of turtles are killed on New York's roadways and with the population of the 11 native species in decline, it would be good if we could decrease the number killed by cars.

Obviously, you need to be safe and smart if you see a turtle in your lane of traffic, no one is advocating swerving in the other lane or causing an accident to avoid them, but if you're able to safely pull off the road, you could help the turtle on it's way.

The NYSDEC suggests that you should avoid picking the turtle up by the tail but rather to pick it up by the side of the shell and keep the turtle facing in the direction it was going is a help too.

Common Snapping Turtle


If you encounter a snapping turtle, you need to be extra careful and either pick it up at the rear of the shell or use a car mat to slide under the turtle to move it off the road. Never take a turtle home, there are laws, and permits are required.

Keep an eye out for the turtles on your travels throughout the Hudson Valley.