Are you a fan of the classic television program "Unsolved Mysteries?" If you answered yes, then this post is probably right up your alley.

It seems as though murder mysteries and crime dramas are the most popular genres in television and movies. As we're all aware the Hudson Valley is filled with history and yes, a little mystery.

Did you know about the infidelity scandal where Thomas Jefferson was involved in? Allegedly, there is a headstone to a grave that states that Thomas Jefferson had a baby with a slave of his at the time Sally Hemmings.

Like I said, scandalous.

Of course, there are the unsolved stories that we're all very familiar with involving the UFO's that made their way through Dutchess County in the '90s and then Pine Bush becoming a UFO hot spot.

If you're not familiar with any of these stories, it's okay. Because Youtube is a helpful place and a user recently uploaded a quick video that explains in detail 9 Unsolved Hudson Valley Mysteries.

The voice over itself creeps me out.

Have you heard of these unsolved mysteries?