We've navigated some of these waters before, and it's always a bittersweet journey. Remembering the 'good ol' days' of growing up here in the Hudson Valley, and the incredible malls and stores of yesteryear...

Well, we have somehow stumbled upon some 'vintage' Hudson Valley based commercials, and let me just encourage you to buckle up, insane nostalgia incoming.

YouTube: 1993 The New South Hills Mall Commercial Orange Plaza Commercial c1990 Underground Retail Canva
1993 The New South Hills Mall Commercial
Orange Plaza Commercial c1990
Underground Retail
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The 'New South Hills' Mall

The year was 1993 when this gem of a commercial was released, branding it as the 'New' South Hills Mall, even though it had opened back in in the '70's as the first indoor shopping mall in Poughkeepsie.

Anchor stores included Sears and KMart (with their sweet food court) once upon a time, and i'm sure we can easily rattle off a list of a bunch of other former occupants of one of the area's best hot spots:

  • Burlington
  • Walden Books
  • Dream Machine
  • Spencers
  • Bob's
  • Discovery Zone
  • Service Merchandise (when the Dutchess Mall closed)
  • Old Navy (our first in the area)

...and who can forget, the spot where many of us purchased out first cassette tape or CD, Media Play.

How's that for a sweet trip down memory lane? These days The Shoppes at South Hills are home to a few furniture stores, ShopRite, At Home, some specialty shoppes and soon, a pickleball facility!

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Who Remembers The Orange Plaza?

A quick trip across the river and into Middletown will bring you to the iconic 'Orange Plaza' which was a shopper's mecca back in the day.

Their feature on deadmalls.com shared that they 'had everything you wanted large and small under one roof,' highlighting the old pay lockers around the plaza to store your coats and packages during shopping trips. Stores like Woolworths, B.Dalton, JCPenney and Sears, plus plenty of food options including Friendly's. Similarly to South Hills, they too have a bit of a fanbase following on their official Facebook group.

Now known as the Shoppes at Orange Plaza (are you picking up on a theme) is home to Kohls, Staples, and the Middletown WalMart.

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