It may seem like a weird time of year to be planning a yard sale but the truth is there is no bad time to clean out you garage and make money. It is also the time of year when yard sales and flea markets are few and far between so you would be taking advantage of a sellers market.

Fall is Popular in the Hudson Valley

Unlike other tourist areas the Hudson Valley has a great tourist population in the Fall. Everyone loves to come here to go apple picking, People come from all over to pick out their pumpkins and enjoying all Fall has to offer. Leaf Peepers also love a great yard sale. Picking up a yard sale item is the perfect souvenir from the fall trek to the Hudson Valley.

Everyone Loves a Yard Sale

It doesn't matter what tine of year you decide to put your stuff in the front yard people are going to stop by looking for a deal. If you plan a fall yard sale you will probably be one of the few people doing it. That means those weekend bargain hunters will be more likely to hit you sale for a deal. Side note make sure your have some deals otherwise your will be packing it all back in the shed.

You Collected Junk

You may have tried to declutter this year but let's face it none of us are really that good at parting with our stuff. Take a real good look around the house and the garage for the stuff you really don't need to keep storing in the corners. You don't have to sell anything you acquired this year but maybe consider parting with some of those things you got last summer that you were sure you were going to use this summer.

You Need The Money

The holidays are right around the corner and a little extra cash might be nice. Think of all that junk you don't need as your Christmas Club Account. Turning all that clutter into cash will feel great. You may even discover that people at your yard sale are actually looking for holiday gifts and decorations.

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