Pete Davidson: SNL Resident Young Person, and The King of Staten Island. The comedian made his big break by joining the 40th Season of Saturday Night Live back in 2014 at the age of 20, making him the first SNL cast member to have been born in the 1990s. Ever since, he continues to steal the hearts of fans with his comedy specials, his movies, and his continued tenure on NBC's late-night sketch comedy show. And of course, we cannot forget all the times that he has been the other half of a celebrity power couple. At the moment, Davidson has caught the interest of Kim Kardashian, following the likes of Carly Aquilino, Cazzie David, Margaret Qualley, Phoebe Dynevor, Kate Beckinsale, and probably most notably, Ariana Grande. He has taken the mainstream by storm.

That only leads many of us to this question: How? He is funny, but he isn't the funniest thing to have come out of SNL in recent years. He only has made a handful of movies. We have to admit, his relationships and personal life have made for decent tabloid fodder, but how he gets in the relationships he does, no one exactly knows. Davidson even admits that he has no idea what his appeal is. That often is the butt of many jokes during Weekend Update appearances. Perhaps it is his realism and nonchalant demeanor that keeps winning people over.

The topic of Pete Davidson became a conversation amongst a couple of us in the studio, and frankly, none of us have quite put our finger on the exact source of his popularity. So, we posed the question to all of y'all on WRRV.

One person was just like us in the studio and said:

Darned if I know

Another person replied with a TikTok that essentially said it's because he is tall. There are plenty of tall people out there who are not rich and famous, so I am not sure if that is a decent qualification.
A couple of people took it sensually. One response was simply an eggplant. Maybe the relationships, but you're telling me he used his... "eggplant" to win over Lorne Michaels and the SNL crew? I don't think that is the final answer. One other listener responded:

Semen made of gold?

I don't believe that Davidson has kids, and if he does, he may not even know of them either. It doesn't seem like reproduction is the appeal.
A couple of people legitimately came to Davidson's defense, perhaps shedding some light upon this mystery:

He's funny, he's vulnerable yet confident, tall and tattooed

And we are back to the tall comment. That makes men like me and my 5'9 glory feel wonderful! I know his tattoos also made him distinguishable, but I believe he is now going back and removing a number of them through laser removal. To follow along with the "vulnerable yet confident" sentiment:

He's kind of like that puppy with the eyes on the ASPCA videos. He looks like he needs love and someone to care about him. I actually think he's pretty cute in the awkward high school way 😍

Based on these findings and discussions, I think his appeal is that he just comes off as just another guy. He's not exactly your boy next door, but he is relatable in a great number of ways. It wasn't until this year that he moved out of his mother's house at the age of 27. Granted; however, he did buy his mom her latest house back in 2019. His connection with his late father who he lost on 9/11 has had a big impact on his life. Plus, he has been no stranger to discussing mental health. Regardless of all the fame, he still comes off as that one guy you probably knew in high school. He is authentic in himself, and his nonchalant demeanor comes off as charming to many fans. Is there one definitive answer to Pete Davidson's popularity? Not really, but I think that just adds to the allure. Hey, the guy has me writing an article about him, giving him even more attention. In the end, he's doing something right.

For a bite of his deprecating humor, check out one of his latest sketches from the SNL Holiday Special, which broadcasted last weekend:

Credit: Saturday Night Live via YouTube

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