There's a massive toy show coming to Newburgh later this month and if you're looking for collectibles then this might be the place.

Have you noticed that just about everything is getting remade or rebooted? Have you ever wondered why? It's most likely because things were just better when you were younger. The television shows were better, the movies were better and the toys were definitely better. Nostalgia is one of those feelings that people are constantly trying to bottle up and experience over and over again. Toys and board games is one of the easiest ways to go back to a simpler time.

I moved out of my parents house years ago. My parents moved out of my childhood home so I don't have my childhood possessions enshrined in my bedroom but I did ask my mom to keep a lot of my toys. Do you have most of the toys you had when you were little?

Maybe there's one you'd like to have back.

There's a popular toy show coming back to Newburgh where you might be able to find one. The event has a been hailed a success from collectors from the Hudson Valley and beyond.

The Newburgh Toy and Collector Show is scheduled for March 19, 2023. The show will take place at the Hudson Valley Hotel on 90 Rte 17k in Newburgh, New York.

If you're on the hunt for vintage toys, trading cards, board games, action figures or video games then this might be the place to browse.