More wet weather and humid conditions on Wednesday for the Hudson Valley.  This unsettled weather continues for another day or two, as we try to work in some high pressure.  A frontal boundary has stalled to the south of the region, so it’s blocking some high pressure that’s trying to build in from the north and west.  This boundary will touch of showers and even thunderstorms for the Hudson Valley.

Wednesday, you’ll feel even more humidity, plus we’ll keep scattered showers in the forecast along with even a risk of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. By Friday, we’ll dry out the forecast and bring in sunshine for the weekend.

Here’s the latest forecast from the National Weather Service:

Wednesday:  Mostly cloudy, with scattered showers.  A risk of a thunderstorm after noon.  High near 74. Light north wind.

Wednesday night:  Cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms.  Low around 66.

Thursday:  Mostly cloudy, high near 78.  Scattered showers and possible thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Thursday night:  Mostly cloudy, low around 66.  Isolated showers and thunderstorms.

Friday:  Mostly cloudy, with a high near 78.