Are you and your sweetie wanting to get married, but don't want the huge and costly production of a large wedding? Maybe it's your second trip to the alter and you want something a bit more low key, just the two of you? Here are a few Hudson Valley businesses that offer elopement packages. Double check with them about the current rates and availability, how far in advance you would need to book, etc. The information listed below is directly from the businesses website and

Other locations that were listed on as places that you might want to tie the knot, just double check each individual site as to whether you need a permit or not:

  • The Gazebos at the Millponds, Monroe
  • Perkins Tower at Bear Mountain
  • Hudson Valley Riverfront Area in Cornwall, Poughkeepsie, or other cities. Use the river as your photo backdrop.
  • Lake Minnewaska
  • Walkway Over the Hudson
  • The home of a friend or family member

Did you elope during the 2020-2021 pandemic? Where did you get married? Or did you postpone like so many others so you could be able to share your special day with your family?

Best of luck to you and your sweetie as you begin your life together.


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