Did COVID change your wedding plans? Maybe even your honeymoon? Did you need to postpone and then rethink the entire ceremony?

Taking a look around the Hudson Valley, there are quite a few places that can give you the terrific 'Winter Wonderland' background for an outdoor (yes, it might be a bit chilly) wedding ceremony or photoshoot. 

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While some of these places you can easily have access to, you will need to touch base with all of them in advance to make sure that they are not already booked or if they will require you to pay a fee:

  • The Walkway Over the Hudson, you would not be the first wedding that would be taking place there, but the photos would be great.
  • Bannerman Castle at Pollepel Island. This is a little bit more involved as you will need to take a boat to get to the island and there is little to zero access to the island during the winter months. The grounds and gardens are beautiful, as are the views from the island.
  • Any one of the historic libraries here in the Hudson Valley, or any one of the Post Offices. There are some rooms that have incredible art (not to mention history) that are not normally open to the public. Ask.
  • One of the many wineries in the area. A lot of the wineries (and distilleries) will be decked out and decorated for the holidays because they are already hosting tastings or corporate events. If you have a favorite in the area, contact them and see if they have an opening for you and your sweetie.
  • Local bed and breakfast or small inn. Again, these places have been decked out to celebrate the holidays. There is more potential to squeeze in a small party or event of say less than 20 people.

Thinking about getting hitched this holiday season and want to keep it small? These places will help you think outside the box, but still make sure you have a beautiful ceremony with your sweetheart and your family. Congratulations!

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You can check out more photos and make your reservations HERE.

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