Have you dreamed of being married to someone? Can you legally be married to someone without having the marriage license and having the ceremony take place? Does New York State have laws regarding marriage that other states have?

What about the couple that was always referred to as married, but they never went through the actual ceremony, there were never any documents filed, etc.? Is that a legal marriage according to New York State?

So, what is marriage according to New York State?

Andrik Langfield
Andrik Langfield

What is marriage, according to New York State? It is a binding agreement, that is legal and recognized by the courts. It is an agreement that begins with a marriage license, someone overseeing or witnessing the event, and then the documentation to be filed with New York State. That is what they consider to be a legal wedding.

What about other 'marriages' in New York State? Keep reading. 

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What does New York State think about 'Common Law Marriage?'


Common Law marriage is not recognized in New York State. In fact, common-law marriage was abolished in 1933. That being said, there are a few things that New York State will recognize, including if you have been in a Common Law Marriage in another state (that was recognized by that other state) New York will recognize it as well. New York state does recognize the term Domestic Partnership. What is that?

What is a Domestic Partnership as defined by New York State?

Bride and groom figurines standing on two separated slices of wedding cake
Jeffrey Hamilton

So, what is a domestic partnership in New York State? Personally, to me, it sounds a great deal like what one may perceive a Common Law Marriage to be. A Domestic Partnership is when two people are in a close and personal relationship for more than 6-months and do not wish to go through the steps of being married.

While New York State will recognize this, there is also an additional step you can take if recognized by the county you live in. Certain counties in NYS also have a Domestic Partner Registry, which will give proof in emergency situations that you are truly a partner for that person and entitled to the same privileges as a spouse would be.

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