About one month ago, we shared with you that an inmate at the Valhalla prison was suing because of his food. The plaintiff in that case was suing the maker of cupcakes at the prison. This time it's not the food that is causing the issue. It is the trays that the food is served on.

The inmate bringing the lawsuit against the Westchester County jail is named Markim Quick. Quick is claiming that the trays the jail serves their meals on are unsanitary. He also claims that he became sick after eating off treys because there is mold on them and they have a rotten smell.

What is the inmate asking for? He is seeking $12 million for the pain and suffering. Is it justified? Do you think that this guy has a case or should we wait for all of the evidence? What do you think Judge Judy would say if she were to hear this case?

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