A person moving to the Hudson Valley asked residents where they should look for homes and these are the top answers.

Have you looked at real estate in the Hudson Valley lately? It's pretty crazy. Prices hot up sky high at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and they stayed pretty consistent for about a year.

It looks as if the dust is starting to settle a little bit but home values remain to be costly. How could anyone afford to live here? It's a legitimate question to ask. Many are forced to rent until the housing market drops a little bit more.

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You may not realize it but the Hudson Valley is growing. Poughkeepsie and Newburgh were listed as the fastest growing cities in New York according to 24/7 Wallstreet. That may be the fastest growing region ono paper but is it really the best place to live in the entire Hudson Valley region?

What city or town is the best?

That very question was on a local community group by someone who said that they were planning on moving here from the west coast.

They asked what was the best towns to look for real estate in and the comment received a ton of comments.

Here are the most popular according to the post. We compiled the list by taking the 7 towns and cities that were mentioned the most time.

This list was made by people who live right here in the Hudson Valley and is only opinion. Statistics like schools, taxes, jobs and crime rates were not considered.

The list is in no particular order.

HV Residents Say Outsiders Should Move to These Towns