March and November, I look forward to, because of restaurant week (which ends up being more than a week).This edition of restaurant week 2016 is running November 1-13, 2016.

Restaurants through out the Hudson Valley will be serving up special three course price fixed meals that showcase “their wares." I wait for this list to come out, who will be participating, will they be offering lunch or just dinner? Do they have their menu posted?

My “Fanci Brandi Advice” to you? Don’t be afraid to try a new place, try some food prepared differently, go out for lunch, or maybe go ahead and treat someone to dinner. Lunches are $20.95, Dinners are $29.95, and no, this does not include tax, tip or beverages, so make sure you budget for a bit more. If you are not sure if a restaurant will be participating, go ahead and call them before you head over or ask them when you arrive if they have a restaurant week menu.

Keep in mind that restaurants might be busier than normal, so be patient,  and for dinners go ahead and make a reservation, and try, try try! Then let me know where you went and what you had!!