They said what? Residents have been confused about some answers they've received from a local business. Okay I get it, we all have bad days, sometimes you just get really fed up with people complaining all of the time and you don't have any more patience. I can only imagine how hard it must be to keep a business running in the Hudson Valley and it has only gotten harder over the past few years. However, one business has taken a very different approach when it comes to answering questions and concerns on its social media page.

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What business has been getting a lot of attention in Hyde Park, NY?

Hyde Park Roller Magic is located right in Hyde Park, New York and it's been a pretty popular spot for people to go. Recently, Hyde Park Roller Magic was reportedly closed down because the HBO Max series Pretty Little Liars was filming there. Many residents expressed their frustration with the amount of filming going on and how it's affecting their ability to visit these businesses.

We see both sides of the issue. It can be frustrating when a place has to close down with no or not a lot of notice, but there's so much filming going on in the area it seems like we have to get used to it. What happened next only upset residents further...

More on the Hyde Park, NY business getting attention on Facebook:

Social media is a very common place these days for people to get information, ask questions or make a complaint about a business. Scarily, it's become way popular and people prefer to communicate that way instead of talking on the phone. This is where it can get very, very tricky. One customer posted a complaint on the Hyde Park Roller Magic Facebook Page about how they were upset that the business was closed allegedly without warning.

The page owners did not seem to have much patience for the complaint. They responded with phrases like, "don't be obnoxious", "if you really really really are so upset you need to post publicly, don't come here anymore" and even more that you can read below.

Hyde Park Facebook Group/Canva
Hyde Park Facebook Group/Canva

We know everyone can have a bad day and sometimes it's easier to type something with a little sass compared to saying it out loud,  but a little more softness with the responses might be a good idea. That seemed a bit harsh.  Maybe there's another piece of it we don't know though. Either way, we want nothing but the best for both parties. We hope the customer was finally able to enjoy their day at Hyde Park Roller Magic and we wish Hyde Park Roller Magic nothing but the best with their business.

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