Whenever I see people kayaking on the Hudson River I always thought to myself, I’m too big, it’ll never work. As an adult male that tips a bathroom scale north of the 270-pound mark I figured I won’t fit or I’ll just make the kayak sink. To avoid potential embarrassment, I just avoided the activity all together and moved on with my life.

After some lengthy internet research I’ve learned that some tandem kayaks have a 600-pound weight limit and some singles have a 350-pound limit. I’m not 100% sure where my hip measurements lie but if they are under the 50-inch threshold, I can fit comfortably into a kayak and participate in one of the many Hudson River tours offered right here in The Hudson Valley.

Maybe it’s time I stop being afraid and start trying new things, after all that’s the point of living, right? There a plenty of locations in the area that can help you get started with your first kayak experience. River Connection in Hyde Park, Liberty Kayak Adventures in Wappingers and Mountain Tops Outfitters in Beacon are a few locations that can help you get started in the world of recreational kayaking.