I guess she thought my gift really sucked.

Not every Valentine's Day gift can be a homerun. You are going to swing at a curveball and strike out every now and then and that should be okay.

Here we are post Valentine's Day and I'm in the dog house.

Like most men I struggle to find perfect gift for the special someone in my life. Every holiday or occasion is tough and Valentine's Day isn't any any easier. I'm a notoriously bad gift giver and I'm the first to admit it. Are flowers enough? Is jewelry always appropriate or can it be over done?

I thought I would try something different this year for Valentine's Day. I thought I would get my wife what she's been asking for almost a year. For months my wife has been asking for a new vacuum cleaner. I thought I would show her what a good husband I am and how I do listen to her. I got her a new vacuum just like she's been asking for. Not only did I get her a new vacuum I got her the exact model she wanted.

Despite getting her exactly what she asked for it was difficult for her to hide her disappointment on Valentine's Day when she opened the door to find the box waiting fir her.

It's been a whole two days and she still has not spoken to me.

Are practical gifts not allowed on Valentine's Day? I didn't get that memo.

I think I'll be the one using this new vacuum for a while.

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