I have relatives that live in Germany and they run a dairy farm. Being around cows brings me back to when I was a child and learned the ever so important lesson "watch where you step." I spent the first portion of my day at The 172nd Annual Dutchess County Fair viewing and appreciating the barn yard animals I grew to love as a child.

There were plenty of healthy & hearty animals to see at the fair. This is not by accident. According to the rules of competition all cattle, sheep and goats are inspected by the State Veterinarian. With the well being and treatment of the livestock being a top priority at The Dutchess County Fair, I enjoyed viewing them without any concern.

Comfortably resting within the pavilions there were plenty of fans and water to keep the animals cool. For the most part the livestock just chill in their pen, eating and drinking as much as they want. I think I could handle that job for a week, it looked as though these cows had it made in the shade.