I know I may have been a little indecisive with my order but I don't think I deserved the silent but deadly treatment.

I don't envy servers. It has got to be a difficult job to wait on customers and work mostly for tips. More often than not you probably encounter a customer who's not having a good day. What about when the opposite happens? What if you server isn't having a good day?

Do they ever take it out on customers?

I'm going to leave the restaurant anonymous as they definitely aren't to blame here but I'm like 96% sure that my waiter crop dusted my coworker and I when we we're eating out for lunch today.

I went out to eat with a friend from work to a restaurant that we had never been to before. Needless to say, the menu was foreign to us. I needed some of it explained to me. The waiter started to get impatient with us. He wasn't angry He just seem annoyed and busy. Then I ordered a water. When he returned I asked for a lemon to go with it if it wasn't too much trouble. It must have been too much trouble because he let out one heavy sigh as he went to go get me one. Was it a sigh from frustration or was it sigh brought on by something else?

Once he left my coworker and I smelled rotten eggs and no that wasn't something offered on the menu.

There were no other customers around. Our only conclusion is that we were crop dusted by the waiter. There's no other explanation.

I still tipped him. Maybe I shouldn't have.


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