By now, we've all seen the viral trend of filming your Chipotle order while it's being made to get your money's worth.  Internet sleuths have brought into question the validity of some of the before-and-after pictures, with Chipotle themselves offering an official debunking of the theory.

That hasn't stopped the trend from raging.
If the trend does have merit, one has to wonder if Chipotle is the only establishment susceptible to this method.
So I grabbed my all-important accomplice in this experiment, my good friend Ryan Roberts, and we headed off to our local favorite, Jersey Mikes, to test out the viral TikTok line filming hack.

For the record. I don't like this approach. The only hack that you need to get good service is politeness and a smile. However, if there's a chance for more food at the same price, let me see.
We pulled up to Jersey Mikes and embarked on our mission. I sent Ryan in first to act as the "control" in this trending experiment. His task was to order a giant CLUB SUB of the clean and informative menu, "Mikes Way" with all the fixins.
A few moments later, I enter  with my phone in hand. The friendly and attentive staff at Jersey Mikes  were unphased.  Even though my phone is out, there's no way I'm actually filming these folks. They work hard and with a smile. They are not on trial here.


I order my sub exactly how my cohort did. Club Sub , Giant, Mikes way.
My order is completed under the watchful eye of my iPhone. I pay using my Jersey Mikes app so I can accrue my in-app "SHORE POINTS" for my next visit.









They are identical in every way. Perfectly made , seasoned to perfection, and "Drippin with the Juice", as the wall decal promotes.
You literally could not stuff one more ingredient into this sandwich. I dare you to try.