Pizza snobs are out there and they are judging your pizza topping selection.

This is something that happened to me recently and it was a little ridiculous. I don't know what makes New Yorkers take their pizza so seriously. It may be because it's some of the best in the country. Is it the dough? What is it about the dough here? Is it really the water that makes it superior? A lot of people really believe this. According to Food & Wine, New York took 3rd place in having the best pizza in the entire country. We were just behind Connecticut and New Jersey. I think we were robbed.

If it isn't the water what else could it be? Is it the toppings?

It turns out the New Yorkers take their pizza topping selection pretty serious as well and I learned this the hard way while picking up my pie at a pizza place in Beacon the other night. I ordered a pizza that turns out was blasphemy in these parts.

I walked in to the restaurant and told the man behind the counter that I was there to pick up my pizza. He then shouted out the toppings as he read it from the receipt. He screamed the order out loud which was a pineapple and meatball on a a Sicilian.

I'm from Michigan and pineapple on pizza is pretty common but I guess not here.

Another customer who was waiting looked at me with such disgust and even made a point to tell me how gross my pizza sounded. It was delicious.

Was I pizza shamed?

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