What you call Hell, I called home once. Mostly because it's where I grew up and that's the real name of this little village.

You might not know this but there is a town called Hell. It's a tiny little place in Michigan about an hour from Detroit.

There's a small chance you might have heard of this little town as it seems to go viral every couple of years because each time a new mayor takes office they write some new controversial law. A few years ago one of the mayors made national headlines for making heterosexuality illegal in the town. What people don't realize is before being shocked by a headline is that it's fake.

Anyone can purchase the mayoral spot at small novelty gift shop.

I spent the early part of my childhood in this little place until moving 10 minutes away.

There really isn't much to the little town of Hell, Michigan. There's a gift shop where they celebrate Halloween all year round and a bar. There was a post office there years ago so people could enjoy more novelties by sending mail to people from Hell. Get it?

There it is. I've laid out the big mystery of Hell.

Currently, it is 17 degrees in Hell, Michigan. I'm telling you this so that when someone says they'' agree to something when Hell freezes over. Well, it did.

For the record, Hell is near a town called Unadilla as well. I just thought it was weird that I have now lived in two different places near a Unadill.

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