One of the best parts about summer in the Hudson Valley is the large selection of local ice cream shops. It seems that each county has a fan favorite, go-to spot.

As the cooler months come in, loyal customers wonder how much longer they have to visit their favorite ice cream shop in the Hudson Valley. Some ice cream spots closed in September, while others stayed open until mid November. There are also some that chose to stay open until the first week of November.

This Orange County, NY Ice Cream Shop Made An Announcement.


They have decided to stay permanently open.

Hip-hop hooray! Year round ice cream can be found in Goshen, NY. This announcement was made on social media.

What's The Scoop Is Located in Goshen, NY

On Halloween, What's The Scoop made the announcement on Facebook. They will be open year round and they are also expanding their food menu. Guests can expect to get hot dogs, nachos, soups and more along with their favorite ice cream, even in the winter.

A popular gelato shop recently moved and brought their delicious flavors to the village of Goshen, NY. This small business has made its mark in the town already. Ice Capps is a well-known, family-run Italian ice and gelato shop. They are also open year round.

Some Of The Strangest Ice Cream Flavors Can Be Found In The Hudson Valley

Canva, Alley Way Ice Cream
Canva, Alley Way Ice Cream

These popular flavors such Thai Iced Tea to Poppyseed, Vegan Cold Brew Ice Cream with Magic Donut and more can be found at the Hudson Valley's small businesses such as Alley Way Ice Cream in Saugerties, NY.

Goshen, NY Was Nominated As One Of The Best Small Towns To Visit

While you're grabbing your ice cream all year round, check out what else this historic town and village has to offer.

There are other ice cream shops that are open all year round. Check out the nearest one by you.

What's The Scoop

20 Matthews St, Goshen, NY 10924

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