9D at rush hour headed for the Newburgh Beacon Bridge might just be a little glimpse of what Hell must be like. Was it always this bad?

I just want to preface this by saying that I wasn't using my phone while I was driving. That's because there wasn't much driving being done. Trust me.

My work hours are a little bit unconventional. I'm at work bright and early around 5am and then I'm usually home shortly after noon. I'm fortunate to rarely get caught up in rush hour traffic during either one of my commutes.

I went to the gym later than usual today and I left around 5pm. That could have been the biggest mistake I make all week. What did I get myself into? Traffic doesn't seem to move from Dutchess Stadium to I-84's on ramp near the Newburgh Beacon Bridge. A 12 minute ride lasted nearly 45 minutes.

I think I speak for every commuter who has been stuck in this mess when I ask what the heck is going on here? What's the hold up? I know that this merge has never been the easiest in the late afternoon but I don't remember it being this out of control.

Is it due to the construction on the bridge?

I have a serious question. How do you do it every day?

This is quite possibly the biggest headache on the roadways right now in the Hudson Valley. There are countless things that I would rather do than to sit in that mess again. A root canal ranks high on the list.

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