New York has been ranked as one of the most vulnerable states for identity theft.

In recent years, American's personal information has become compromised by big data breaches. According to the latest data breach report, since 2005 there have been nearly 10,000 data breaches, accounting for 1.1 billion records that were compromised.

Some people are more susceptible to such than others to such crimes. Wallethub has compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia to determine who is more likely to be exposed to identity theft and fraud.

The states were compared across 10 key metrics from identity-theft complaints per capita to average loss amount due to fraud.

Sadly, according to this report, New York has been ranked the seventh most vulnerable state for identity theft and fraud.

New York's Vulnerability to Identity Theft & Fraud:

  • 16th - Identity-Theft Complaints per Capita
  • 9th - Avg. Loss Amount Due to Online Identity Theft
  • 30th - Fraud & Other Complaints per Capita
  • 18th - State Security-Freeze Laws for Minors’ Credit Reports
  • 1st - Identity-Theft Passport Program
  • 23rd -  Persons Arrested for Fraud per Capita
  • 18th - Compliance with REAL ID ACT