There are a few days left in the current New York legislative session and one of the items that they are focusing on is if recreation marijuana is legalized, where will the money go?

There are only a few days left in this 2019 legislative session, which ends June 19, 2019. If recreational marijuana makes it to another vote, it would have to be voted on by June 19, or it will have to wait until next year to be voted on again.

There is a significant number of residents that want this recreational use law to pass, but here is one of the items that legislatures are still debating over, where will the tax revenue go?

Picture it, New York will now have an influx of tax money from the legalized sale of recreational use pot, who should get the money? What state wide program could benefit from the money? For instance, the NYS Lottery allegedly gives monies to the school system, should this money go to medical programs? Mental health programs? Library's? Farms?

What do you think? Where should this money go?

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