Apparently New York is one of the best state for singles, at least according to a recent study.

Don't worry about being single anymore, because you live in New York, and Wallethub says New York is in the Top 5 best states for singles. See, no need to worry that you're 40 and still have no ring...cue Beyonce music.

With Valentine's Day approaching, and roughly half the adult population being single, Wallethub is trying to help the unattached improve their chances of finding love. The 50 states were compared across 28 key indicators ranging from share of single adults to movie costs to nightlife options per capita.

New York was listed as the 4th beset state for singles. Here's the breakdown:

Dating in New York:

  • 4th - % of Single Adults
  • Gender Balance of Singles
  • Online-Dating Opportunities
  • Mobile-Dating Opportunities
  • Restaurants per Capita
  • Movie Theaters per Capita
  • Crime Rate

Good luck singles!