When I scrolled through facebook the other day and saw an ad for 'PONYSITTERS' I kept on scrolling, but ended up saying "wait, really?" and scrolled back up....

We are looking forward to welcoming new PONYSITTERS so please share any of the PONYSITTERS posts and invite your friends to join in the fun of learning about horses. The PONYSITTER program is available Tuesday and Thursday afterschool, Saturdays and days there is no school (whether it's a holiday or snow day)

Yes, tell me more says my inner child, until I read on and found out this gig truly is for children, ages 4-16, bummer.

JL Performance Horses, located in Poughquag, has plenty of opportunities for you to sign up your age appropriate horse lover to get involved with their animals.  Whether it be for the PONYSITTERS program, summer camp, or scouts looking to earn their badges, what a cool opportunity to learn a thing or two about caring for a pony!

Find out more by visiting their facebook page, here.