Each week, In Touch, our public affairs show takes a look at issues in the Hudson Valley.  We talk to the news makers in the region to get an in depth preservative on these issues.

This week, we take a sightly different approach to exploring the issues.  Our guest is the Hudson River.  With the help of the Department of Environmental Conservation of New York and information posted on their website.  Plus interviews conducted fisherman that once worked on the Hudson River conducted by the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston.

We discuss:

Clarity of the water, past and present.

can you swim in the Hudson?

Toxins, past and present.

Can fish survive in the river?

Take a look back at some fish and other creatures that are no longer present in the river.

Hudson River Estuary Program.

Hudson River Environmental Movement.

Look ahead to the future of the Hudson River.


Listen to the full show, above and learn more about the Hudson River.

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