There's no way we could finish 2017 strong without just a smidgen of political correctness to confuse everyone before the holidays.

Does anyone remember last year when the MTA took out "ladies and gentlemen" from their messages?

In an effort to be more gender inclusive, one high school has decided to remove the term "Freshmen" from their vocabulary and start calling kids "first year students".

According to Bustle, Easthampton High School in Massachusetts made the change recently and announced it during a school-wide assembly.

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The movement for the change was created by a student group and be the answer to an investigation by the Attorney General after reports showed school disciplined black and Latino students more frequently.Since the students have free speech they are still able to call themselves and other students "freshmen", the change will only be made the handbook as of now. Mission accomplished.

Do you agree with the decision and should the movement be enforced nationwide or are there other issues that high schools could be dealing with rather than labeling students right now?