Please share! Authorities need your help to identify who is responsible for the despicable act.

Some people are just twisted. It is both scary and sad to think that there are such sick people out there.

Pet owners and animal lovers across the Hudson Valley are trying to find answers after a senseless act of violence was committed on an innocent animal in Lake Carmel.

Faceboook: Putnam County SPCA
Faceboook: Putnam County SPCA

According to the Putnam County SPCA, the owner of the cat reported that this past Sunday at around noon the cat was fine and healthy. Around 2 hours later the owner of the cat went outside and noticed blood coming on the feline's face and mouth. The cat seemed to be in pain and was immediately rushed to a veterinarian in  Newtown, Connecticut.

The vet determined that the cat was shot in the upper palate. The shot caused not only a bone fracture but also metal fragments to travel in its skull and down the throat and down in the stomach.

Unfortunately, the caliber of the bullet was unable to be determined.

After days of surgery, Sheldon the cat was sent home to recover from the inflicted wounds.

Authorities in Putman County are looking for any information or leads to help identify who is responsible.

If you have any knowledge of the incident please call the Putnam County SPCA Humane Law Enforcement at 845 520 6915. The caller will remain anonymous.

What kind of monster would do something like this?

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