It's time to celebrate in the City of Newburgh, NY as a massive project finally crosses the finish line.

The enormous undertaking, which required multiple road closures for several years, promised bigger and better infrastructure after it was completed. While some of the updates surrounding the project turned out to be a prank (more on that later), rejoicing has begun downtown, especially at Newburgh Brewing Company.

Photo of new sidewalks outside of Newburgh Brewing Company
Things are looking much different in Newburgh, NY after the completion of a massive project (Newburgh Brewing Company)

Streets Re-Opened in Newburgh, NY

"WASHINGTON STREET IS OFFICIALLY RE-OPENED!", began a recent Instagram post from Newburgh Brewing Company (below). Not only was easier access to the taproom restored, but an even bigger "gift" was also unveiled.

 Big Changes In Front of Newburgh Brewing Company

The beloved brewery, located at 88 South Colden Street, was just one of the businesses affected by closed streets, construction vehicles, and other literal and metaphoric roadblocks as the project progressed. In addition to re-opened brewery access from Washington Street, brand new sidewalks were also completed.

What About the Hoax?

When life gives you lemons, it's a great idea to make lemonade, and that's exactly what the minds behind Newburgh Brewing Company's social media accounts decided to do by rebranding the massive city project as the construction of a "beer pipeline". While thousands of residents understood the tongue-in-cheek position the brewery took, many others had trouble separating fact from fiction.

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The Truth About the New Pipes Under Newburgh, NY

While the pipeline was nothing but a pipe dream, the fact remains that several new improvements have just been added to the City of Newburgh. Not only have sidewalks been built on both sides of Colden Street, but almost 9,000 feet of new sewer lines have been installed as well, upgrading both the city's sewer and storm water systems.

Photo of pipes stacked up outside Newburgh Brewing Company in Newburgh, NY
Newburgh Brewing Company leaned into their sense of humor when Colden Street was closed for a sewer line project, rebranding it the "beer pipeline" (Newburgh Brewing Company)

The brand new sidewalks and re-opened roads are also great news for WRRV listeners, as more parking is now available for WRRV Sessions, the free shows hosted at the brewery. Check out some of amazing past shows below, and download the WRRV app to be the first to know about the next show!

Papa Roach at WRRV Sessions May 2024

Papa Roach came to Newburgh Brewing Company in Newburgh, NY for an epic WRRV Sessions performance!

Gallery Credit: TSM Poughkeepsie

Alex from All Time Low Plays WRRV Sessions December 2023

Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low took time on his birthday to play an amazing show at Newburgh Brewing Company for WRRV Sessions

Gallery Credit: TSM Poughkeepsie