Have you been staying active while covering your face and struggling to breathe? You're not alone.

I think the general consensus is that it's hard to breathe in masks. I know for me, it gets even harder when I'm being physically active. I've been trying to stay active whether it's biking, running, or walking. I've found that it's really hard to breathe in a cloth face mask.

Recently, I went on my longest bike ride to date but knew I would have a hard time breathing with my cloth mask. So I wore a bandanna over my mouth and nose instead. I actually found that it's way easier to breathe in the bandanna than the cloth face mask.

I'm no medical professional so please do not quote me on this. And please do not take my word as fact because this is just my personal experience. But what have you found? Are certain face coverings easier to breathe with? For me, a bandanna was definitely the move.

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