Have you even thought about this? Or maybe you haven't even given it a second thought. Here is the situation, your beloved pet passes away, be it a dog, cat, goldfish, ferret, etc, what do you do? Can you put them in a shoe box and bury them with a full funeral procession in the back yard?

Do you then have to tell the people that move in after you that your beloved pet is there? Or can you just not mention that?

Can You Bury Your Beloved Pet in Your Own Backyard in New York State?

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For most of us the answer to the question is oh heck yes! But it comes down to can you do it legally? While most of us might not care about whether or not it is legal, we are just going to do it anyway.

So you can bury your pet in the back yard, but is it legal to do so in New York State?


The legality of the issue comes down to your specific town or municipality and their zoning laws. Strange that it would be up to them, right? Shouldn't you be allowed to know that Fluffy or Fido are with you furever? See what I did there? Fur-ever?

Can you have the remains of your pets buried with you when you pass away?

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One thing that you will not have to legally debate however is that it is 100% legal for you to have the remains of your pets buried with you at the time of your passing.

So what will you do? Will you go ahead and bury your beloved pet in the back yard? Or will they spend the rest of your life in the nice metal container on the mantel?

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