This is not only a rip off but it's an absolute travesty as well.

What the heck is this? Why is candy so small now? At this rate I'll need to eat an entire bag.

It's time for me to vent about something that I find deeply troubling. This is an important issue to me because I have a sweet tooth like you wouldn't believe. I feel like it's both my obligation and quite possibly my civic duty to let you know about a serious issue that's happening in the candy world.

This may have been happening for a while now but I think since we missed Halloween last year that it may missed it. It took until Easter of 2021 to realize what's really been going on.

What the heck is up with the embarrassingly small sized candy? This is supposed to be fun sized. The only thing fun about candy is eating it and there's hardly any here.

I don't know who is in charge of making these candies but I hope this message finds them with haste. This is absolutely ridiculous.

A general rule is that a candy bar should be a bar even if it is a little bit smaller. I bough miniature Milky Way and Three Musketeers bars not chocolate cubes.

I feel cheated and I think we could get some sort of class action lawsuit together if this continues. I paid good money for candies that are seriously the size of a penny. This needs to change and it needs to change right now.

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