It's a Soppy Joe. Should it be called a Sloppy Joanne? Maybe a Sloppy Jasmine?

It's been around for years. Is it really a problem? Is the name appropriate in 2019? Can only men enjoy Manwich?

It's a Tuesday night, you've got to feed multiple people and you don't have a lot of options because you didn't make it to the store yet. But wait, what's this? You've got a lb of ground beef and a can of Hunt's Manwich Sauce.

It's delicious and it's so convenient but is there a problem with the tasty sauce besides the flavor? Is there an underlying them of sexism associated with Manwich? Can food be sexist? Some people think it absolute can be.

There's even a group on Facebook called Manwich Is Delicious Institutionalized Sexism.

Is Manwich too masculine? Should they change their name? Are we ready for a person-wich? What about a human-wich? Does that have too much of a Jeffrey Dahmer tone too it?

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