My family is aware that I like hot and spicy food. So much so that when my birthday or Christmas arrive, I am sure to get multiple containers of hot sauce. This Christmas holiday was a bit different. Gone was the myriad of sriracha products that I got last year as gifts.

It made me a bit sad. Yes, I probably am responsible for the consumption of five or six of the big bottles (I think that they are 28 oz in volume) per year, but I have also worked my way through many containers of sriracha cookies, chips, mayonnaise, mustard and other snacks.


The one product that I refused to try was the J&D's Sriracha Lip Balm. I didn't stay away from it because I thought it would burn my lips or for any other safety reason. I stayed away from it because when my father was going through his bacon stage, he ever so kindly (can you hear the sarcasm in my 'voice'?) gave me bottles of bacon soda and tubes of Bacon Lip Balm. It is because I did try those that I knew that there had to be a line drawn somewhere.

Will I continue to look for Sriracha products when I am out shopping? Yes. However, I am convinced that they do not taste as good as the products that other people give to me.