LaGrangville resident "Cowboy" Steve Frazier was out mowing his lawn when he came across another example of Hudson Valley Wildlife. A very young skunk was out during the day time which surprised the him since skunks are normally nocturnal.

The video was posted on Facebook and knowing this was recorded on a phone it's clear that Cowboy Steve did not simply zoom the camera lens. He was merely a few feet away from what appears to be a docile critter.

"I've lived in a rural setting all my life and every now and then nature throws out something that makes me smile. This was one of those occasions and I wanted to share." said Cowboy Steve.

I'll admit that watching the video safely from my phone makes me smile and think it's adorable. But I ask myself if I was in my own backyard how would I react? I don't think I have the courage to get that close to a skunk no matter how cute it looks.