Over the last 4 to 5 years wine makers have been forgoing limiting their offerings to just wine in bottles. The wineries have been seeing 'cans' as a convenient and cost effective option.

Do you think that wine in cans is a good thing? Or are you of the mind to think that only wine in cans is not suitable for your refine palate?

The wines come in sizes ranging from 200ml to 500ml and are sold in aluminum cans, some retailers even selling them from refrigerated coolers for your convenience. In the State of New York, most of these canned wines are sold in 4-packs (it depends on the size of the can) so cost wise, it you will not be saving yourself any money as opposed to purchasing it in the full sized wine bottle.

The one suggestion for you. When you serve the wine you purchased in a can, take a few moments to pour it into a glass or cup. You will get more aromatics and flavor drinking it from the cup than trying to drink it from the can.

Have you purchased wine in a can? Do you have a favorite?

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