You should always carry some actual cash in your wallet or your purse. There still some things your debit card and cash app just can't do.

It may sadly make me sound like a dinosaur but I remember a time when everyone always carried those little green rectangles. You should know what I'm referring to. I'm talking about cash. You know, dead presidents, green backs, notes, dough and moolah. Money that was tangible. When you wanted to pay for your groceries you paid in cash. When you wanted to but a soda you gave the cashier two dollars and went on your way in matter of seconds rather than hold up the line.

It seems like carrying cash is such a rare thing nowadays. When did it stop?

I must say I'm guilty myself. I don't use cash for all of my transactions but I make sure I have some on me at all times just in case. Not sure what emergency would take only cash but I either way it's good to be prepared. Today I found myself in a situation where even that failed me.

I ran into a situation where I needed smaller bills and all I had was a $20 bill. It took me almost 15 minutes to find someone who could break it for me.

There are some benefits to carrying a decent amount of cash.

According to CNBC, people who only carry cash buy few snacks and junk food. It also helps when looking for bargains. Carrying cash also keeps you from excessive spending.

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