Nature is fighting back. And in this particular case, literally. In yet another viral video circulating the internet during this very weird week, a rat and pigeon were caught in an epic battle to the death in the streets of Brooklyn. Even the animals have lost their minds. Of course, rats attacking everything in New York City from pigeons to even humans is nothing new. It's like they've mutated and are taking over the city. And since so many folks in the city has been quarantined for so long, perhaps the vermin think they're running the show.

A woman who shot the footage said the rat came out of nowhere and attacked the pigeon. The woman told the Post that the pigeon already appeared hut and staggering when the rat pounced on it. That's when she said she and a friend decided to intervene to help the bird.

Animal encounters in New York City seem to draw a lot of attention online. We've already had Pizza Rat, and then Taco SquirrelEgg Roll Squirrel and Egg McMuffin Rat. A 2018 report said that the rats in New York are getting even bigger given the amount of trash that's being thrown out. Staten Island even named their Class-A Penn League baseball team the Pizza Rats. 

And then you've got the videos of rats on the subway. That's always fun.

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