As of this writing, the film-centric social media app Letterboxd lists 239,369 films released between January of 2010 and December of 2019. That’s a whole lot of movies — more than double the amount of films Letterboxd’s database contains from the 2000s. So to rank among the 25 worst films out of all of them ... that puts you in the bottom 0.01 percent of movies on the entire site. In a perverse way, that’s almost an impressive accomplishment. Not even the worst of the worst; at that percentage, it’s more like the worst of the worst of the worst of the absolute dregs.

If you want to explore the worst (or, if you’re feeling really wild, the best) movies of any decade on Letterboxd, it’s not hard to do. Go to “Films” in the top menu then click “Browse By Year” and choose “2010s.” Then at the next screen go to “Sort By” and pick “Average Rating - Lowest First.” That’s it. (If you want to compare the broader website to your own favorites or least favorites just pick “Your Rating - Lowest First” instead.”) It’s also possible to sort by release date, length, popularity, or even popularity among your friends on the site.

The aggregate of all those individual ratings is what gives us the list below; the 25 worst movies of the 2010s, according to users on Letterboxd. And if you’re thinking about trying any of these movies after you read it ... beware. Take care. Stay far away. Maybe watch Lady Bird or Mad Max: Fury Road instead.

The Worst 2010s Movies, According to Letterboxd Users

According to the users of the cinematic social network Letterboxd, these are the worst movies released during the 2010s.

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The Worst 2000s Movies, According to Letterboxd

According to users of the movie social networking site Letterboxd, these are the 20 worst feature films made in the 2000s.