Hudson Valley animal lovers are rallying to get help for a bear that's found itself in a sticky situation.

During this time of year, we always hear lots of stories about bears making themselves at home in backyards and neighborhoods. An especially curious bear made headlines his week after climbing up a tree in the City of Poughkeepsie. Some residents were terrified while others stopped to take photos of the new neighbor while awaiting the DEC. Eventually, agents arrived to relocate the bear to a more suitable resting spot.

Across the river, another bear isn't having quite as much fun. An entire community has been trying desperately to help the distressed animal that has gotten itself into quite a predicament.

Saugerties Kingston New York

Curious Bear in Saugerties, New York Gets Head Stuck in a Jar

This weekend, reports of a bear with its head stuck in a large, plastic jar began appearing on social media. According to witnesses, the bear appeared to be struggling ot remove the jar with no success.

Makaila Ouellette posted a photo of the bear in the Saugerties Village Facebook group that she says she captured over a week ago. The photo shows the large, black bear struggling near a tree with a large plastic container stuck to its head. It's unclear how the jar got there, but it was most likely a self-inflicted accident trying to get that last cheeseball out of a found jar. Environmental activists warn against leaving food outside, especially during times when bears are active.

Saugerties Bear
Makaila Ouellette

Other residents have also been reporting sightings of the bear that seems to be making its way through the Village of Saugerties in search of help. Many were concerned that the bear had been in this predicament for so long and wondered how long it could survive without being able to eat or drink.

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Neighbors in the village have been encouraging each other to keep the bear in sight the next time it appears so rescue personnel can be called in to assist. There are local wildlife volunteers ready to help, but authorities recommend alerting the Department of Environmental Conservation if you happen to see the bear.

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