So you are getting ready to start your Monday as if it were just 'another Monday.' Here are a few reasons to think that it is much more special.

National Kazoo Day? Get out. Can you imagine how much you will either love or absolutely hate your co-workers for using a Kazoo most of the day?

National Have Fun at Work Day? Every day should be a 'fun day at work' but it is still work. Will your bosses let you acknowledge the day and have fun at work or will you need to continue to toe the line and just keep workin'?

National Blueberry Pancake Day. Ok, this is a day we should all be able to celebrate. Pancakes? Yum! Is it possible to celebrate the day at work? Can we get pancakes delivered?

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? Ok, you love the stuff when you need to protect something, but when you have the one co-worker who has an obsession with it? The one who will go out of his or her way to pop every single bubble not once, but twic. There is one co worker in every office you who know about that does this. Make sure to tell them about the Bubble Wrap App. Iphone or Android.

How do you take on a Monday to make it even more special than any other day of the week? Share with us how you mark the day in the comment section below.

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